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You've been dreaming of writing a book...

And then reality set in.

You suddenly realize how many steps it takes to get a book out into the world and you spend way more time searching the internet for a myriad of information about book writing, publishing and marketing, than you do writing.

Suddenly, the idea of hiring professionals to help publish your book no longer seems like a luxury. It's a necessary part of the writing & publishing process.

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Author services I currently offer:
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You fail only if you stop writing.

Ray Bradbury, American author and screenwriter

Hey there!

I'm Lisiane, a bookworm, former English and French teacher and now virtual assistant for authors.

My professional journey has taken me from studying translation to studying English language and literature. I then started writing my own short stories and turning them into bilingual audiobooks for my language students.

Now, I use my knowledge and my skills to help budding writers produce the best books possible, all the while honing my own skills and increasing my knowledge about the craft.

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It's perfectly okay to write garbage - as long as you edit brilliantly.

C.J. Cherryh, American Writer